First international symposium on green chemistry

Green chemistry makes life better

Green chemistry is a philosophic approach to science

Sardinia is a beautiful island that will be preserved by advanced green technologies

This outstanding event is one of the activities of the Master on Green Chemistry!

The Master on "Green Chemistry: chemicals and new materials from renewable sources"

is the result of the collaboration between the University of Sassari (namely, the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy) and the Government of the Sardinia Region in order to facilitate the development and use of green chemistry. Sardinia is becoming a "green pole": new industries working on the development of environmental-friendly techniques are born in its territory and others are encouraged to invest in the Island.

The Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy

is a teaching and research center of the University of Sassari. The staff is actively involved in the research on Analytical Chemistry, Industrial and Macromolecular Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physical Chemistry, Physics. The Department offers its collaboration to industries interested in developing environmental-friendly approaches to chemistry.

The University of Sassari

offers multiple education degrees at the undergraduate, graduate, master and PhD level; hosts more than 650 researchers and professors distributed among 13 Departments, 22 libraries, and over 40 institutes and research centres; over 15,000 students enrolled in the University of Sassari and about 600 are currently spending a study or training period in other European Universities/Institutions ; over 100 visiting professors teach at the University of Sassari every year; the number of incoming Erasmus students from other European Universities is constantly increasing; the University of Sassari has established cooperative exchange agreements with over 200 Universities participating in the Erasmus Programme.

The Department of Labour, Vocational Training, Social Security and Cooperation

of the Sardinia Region funded the Master on Green Chemistry. The Symposium is one of the activities of this latter. With the resolution n. 12/16 of Oct. 3, 2011 the Management Committee for Higher Education has been established at the Department of Labour, Vocational Training, Social Security and Cooperation of the Sardinia Region with the task of planning routes of Higher Education in the Island. The activity is carried out in collaboration with various universities, schools and training and research centres, aiming to increase the competitiveness of the economy of Sardinia, improving the skills, professionalism and the ability to conduct business in strategic sectors, increasing the know-how and intellectual property at a European and international level. The Minister of Labour considers necessary for the planning of activities of higher education and in favour of the Committee of Higher Education chaired by himself to use specific collaboration agreements with the best national and international universities them in order to annually prepare in advance a number of key actions to the implementation and success of the program of Higher Education. The collaboration between the parties aims to jointly prepare all deemed actions necessary for advanced training models that include the involvement of all profitable and active, private and public subjects to consider and propose a model of post-graduate training offer of excellence to enhance the competitiveness of the economy of Sardinia, improving the skills, professionalism in strategic sectors, increasing "knowledge know-how" in a perspective of integration in the economic and European cultural and international context. In particular, the program "Master In Sardegna" has the following objects: - research and innovation for the definition of the training models to be taken in the specific context of Higher Education in Sardinia; - the joint development of a system of training needs analysis and introductory programming courses; - support the implementation of the paths of Higher Education with the organization of events, seminars and symposia; - scientific support for the development of all steps deemed necessary to increase the employability of students; - joint research partnerships with recognized excellence in international issues considered strategic for the regional economic development.